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Environmental Statement

Attending to my impact on the Earth means a lot to me. I try to minimize it while creating romantic, nature-inspired pieces that keep the Earth in mind. My environmental statement will give you an idea of the decisions I make in regards to my work as a jeweller focusing on the sustainable, the socially-conscious and eco-friendly.

To avoid the use of newly-mined metals and gemstones. I…

  • Encourage customers to bring in their old, unworn jewellery, and recycle the gold, platinum and gems into new pieces.
  • Encourage customers to opt for socially-conscious, lab-grown gems like Moissanite, or stones that have been hand-mined by free people using low-impact methods.
  • Avoid the purchase of stones that may have been mined under poor labour conditions, or with environmentally-dubious methods.
    • Go beyond the Kimberly Process, which was sponsored by the diamond cartel and which I believe inadequately addresses the social and environmental problems of diamonds. When I do buy a mined diamond, I buy from a reputable recycled diamond company Niccolo Bella.

When I need additional material, I buy metals from Umicore Precious Metals a metal refining company and HL Casting Ltd, a small family run precious metal casting company. Both recycle silver, gold, platinum and palladium. It’s an eco-friendly way to obtain precious metals without supporting new mining.

In my workshop, I use simple fluxes and pickles rather than the “usual” toxic ones, to minimize impact on the water, the air and my own body.