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Metalsmithing, A Family Tradition

I’m a third generation Metalsmith…the art of shaping silver, gold and platinum by hand comes naturally to me. Designing custom pieces lets me turn toward people, helping them express their visions and dreams through my chosen art.



How it all began

As a child visiting the sophisticated jewellery atelier of my beloved uncle, I was mesmerized by the fire of the coloured gemstones and the delicacy of his fine jewellery designs. He is an artful master… a talent passed down from my metalsmith grandfather.

Jeanette and uncle Robert Hutchings talking shop.

I didn't know at the time that I was next in line...But a playful experiment with modelling clay lead me to sculpt some whimsical earrings, which proved popular enough to land me in the Toronto Farmer's Market. Inspired to develop my skills further, I studied Jewellery Arts at George Brown College, graduating with honours in the early '90s.

Since then, my design aesthetic has changed, but this creative, challenging art form continuously renews and deepens my connections to others.

I use ancient techniques and, often, recycled gold and gems to create jewellery that holds the past in its very molecules. Listening to my customers tells me what matters most to them: their narratives and emotions inform the design of each piece, whether we are collaborating on wedding bands, family jewellery or pieces designed to celebrate or memorialize important people and events in their lives.

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.”                – Pete Seeger


I believe in Mother Earth...and I want to help protect her

Jewellery materials come from the Earth. My goal is to design jewellery that honours the Earth's needs. Using recycled and reclaimed precious metals and gemstones as well as humane, lab-grown or rock-hounded gems allows me to  love my planet while supporting  her well-being. There is no compromise in quality in using inherited or old pieces to create custom jewellery. In fact, the less-tangible benefits of eco-ethical jewellery add sustainable social and ecological value to the luxury of hand-crafted, custom work.

Reusing old gold jewellery is my favourite way to work

I often extract stones and melt down precious metals from clients' old, unworn jewellery to create new up-cycled designs. Completed, each piece contains sentiment and memory as well as its contemporary purpose and the meaning of its new life.


My philosophy honours the past

Choosing the finest materials is one part of my work: self-expression in the making process has led me to the slower, hands-on methods of the ancients. An appreciation for the alchemy of amalgamation, granulation, chasing and repoussee and sand casting keeps these magical techniques alive in my workshop. From the first pencil sketches to the final polish, my creations are wrought by hand, eye and heart.

I'd be honoured to create a special piece just for you.


Walker Studios is open by appointment on Saturdays and located in at 132 Richmond St - Victoria Row in Charlottetown. If you'd like to schedule an appointment to meet with Jeanette please either call (902) 393-6376 or email ( or click here to book online.

"The custom jewellery I create tells a story which starts with the client.
I learn about their lives, their dreams and the experiences that have informed who they are. I create pieces that are as unique and as the individual.
Every piece, truly a labour of love."

- Jeanette Walker