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Use Your Old Gold & Gemstones

Breathe New Life Into Old Jewellery

At some point, many of us find we have things we don't use-- but also don't want to lose, including gold, silver and gems. We can reuse your old gold and gemstones to create lovely new things you're excited about wearing. A drawer or box of tangled chains, broken earrings and too-small rings can be melted down, customized to create new treasures, made with affection, intimacy and an unfailing appreciation of your story.

Jewellery comes to us through gifts, as mementos of cherished relationships, from family members who pass along wedding bands, gold chains, gem-set rings and brooches, to "keep them in the family." Too often, odds and ends wind up hidden in a drawer or safety deposit boxes, and no one thinks about the possibility of recycling them into wearable, elegant works of art. Jewellery seems so permanent, but that doesn't mean its design is "set in stone."




Inherited jewellery carries meaning, but shifting fashions can render many designs outdated. But think about it--jewellery--metal and stones--are built to last for ages! Metal keeps its shape, stones don't rust or rot. Jewellery, in fact, is one of the most recyclable items on Earth.

So, take heart, remove your unworn jewellery from your safe deposit box, sock drawer or jewellery box. If you have even a small collection of unused jewellery, you and I can work together to design a custom piece of jewellery that you love to wear, using materials you already have.


Meaningful Jewellery


To me, and to many of my clients, custom jewellery is highly symbolic. Using old jewellery to create new, more fitting pieces, is a way to honour the past while living in the present. A magical element prevails when we incorporate others' jewellery into our own. Here are some examples of that process:

  • Redesigning Grandmother's engagement ring into an elegant, totally personal one for your fiancee, showcasing the old-fashioned, rose-cut diamond.
  • Using long-married parents' or grandparents' worn-thin wedding bands to make ones for your upcoming marriage.
  • Making your old wedding set into a new piece to signify and create true closure after divorce.
  • Redesigning wedding rings for a couple's milestone anniversary, making a statement that your marriage is a lively, growing relationship.
  • Making family jewellery from everyone's unwanted pieces, to celebrate your closeness.


Making Custom Jewellery


One of the reasons I love my work is, while creating lovely new pieces, I am also helping people make meaningful, tangible interpretations and statements about their lives; past, present and future. Art is about making an internal state external, and it's deeply satisfying to see my clients' feelings and ideas come to life in newly designed works.

It's such an honor to be present and participating in the important stages of someone else's life. Meaningful work feeds the soul, and making soulful connections in my work creates important jewellery.


Ready to get started on a special piece made just for you?

Fill out the Custom Request Form and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs. Once we narrow down design possibilities I’ll be happy to send you personalized drawings and quotes.

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