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I just wanted to let you know about all the compliments I have received on my ring. Almost every day someone notices it, they could be family, friends or strangers. They all have plans to come and see you.  



I never saw you after we picked up my wedding ring in January so never got to tell you directly that I LOVE it! And have had so many compliments on it. Thanks again.



Hi Jeanette,

I picked up my rings earlier today and just want to let you know how pleased I am.  I hadn’t imagined how beautiful Mom’s diamonds would look in a band.  Thanks so much – I’ll treasure it.

When things calm down for you, I have another smaller project for you to play with.  My mother in law gave my husband a diamond ring decades ago.  He doesn’t wear rings at all and would never wear a diamond, so it’s sat in my jewellery box.  It fits my middle fingers and is quite nice looking, but needs to be “feminized”.  I’ll get in touch in the new year if you’re interested in trying to work with it.

Have a wonderful Christmas.



Ohhhh, Jeanette!!!

It is absolutely beautiful!!  I picked up the ring this afternoon and am so very pleased with it. You captured everything I wanted and more. Thank you so much for your time, expertise and thoughtfulness in designing this for me.  Your art is unique and top quality and I feel privileged  to have this piece to wear and enjoy. Now I feel like I have “energy” from the people whose jewelry went into this ring with me all the time. Such  a great concept to recycle and keep the sentimental aspect going on for many more years.

Thanks again, and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, and I know I will be in touch in the future for another project at some point!



Hello Jeanette!

I just got back from traveling the day before yesterday, and finally got to see the rings. They are beautiful, and fit so well! Thank you so much for making them for us. It’s been a great experience…

Hope you are having a wonderful, sunny Monday.

Warmly, Kirsta


Thank you, Jeanette, for creating such a beautiful piece for me.   I cannot tell you how many times I look down at my hand during the course of a rehearsal and think about how much I love this ring.   I receive endless compliments and inquiries about it, and I tell its story with great pride, and with instructions to visit your website!

Carrie Anne


Hi Jeanette,

Ring has arrived and it looks amazing! Couldn’t be more pleased and I’d like to thank you one last time for getting it done so quickly. I know you’ve got a busy waiting list, so I really appreciate it that you accommodated this project.



Hello Jeanette,

These are absolutely stunning! I am so pleased with the rings! K just sent me it and it made my day! I just wanted to thank you for all your work on them, we will wear them proudly!