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Redesign Your Wedding Rings After The Loss Of Your Spouse

Redesign Your Wedding Rings After The Loss Of Your Spouse

Time passes, memories stay, you are loved and remembered, every day.

Experiencing the loss of a spouse is emotional. It brings about so many uprooting life changes such as the "taking off" of wedding rings.

I've had many clients ask...

  • Is there a "right" time to stop wearing my wedding rings after the loss of my husband?
  • Should a widow or widower still wear their wedding rings?
  • I don't wear my weddings rings any more and my children don't want them. I wouldn't sell them...what can I do?

There is no right or wrong protocol.

I suggest doing whatever feels right for you.

You may continue to wear your wedding rings as they bring you comfort. Over time you may decide to remove them, a difficult thing to do after you've been wearing them every day for years. They hold great sentiment.

If you decide you're ready to make a change...

I'd be honoured to work with you to create a new design, by reusing the gold and diamonds from your original rings. I will treat you and your precious jewellery with the utmost respect and care. It's a beautiful way to honour the past and imbue your new piece with personal history and meaning. We'll collaborate together to design a piece you'll love to wear every day.
Jeanette, I'm so pleased!!!
It's wonderful to have a ring back on my hand and I can't tell you how many compliments I've had this week. My daughter and son will be contacting you soon. They also want to have a special piece in memory of their Dad.
Thank you for your infinite patience and kindness,
~ M. Stokes - Vermont
Wedding Band Redesign Wedding Rings were redesigned to create these Empowerings.

Interested in collaborating with me on a beautiful redesign?

Please follow these directions to get us started:
  1. Browse my works of art. Do any of these designs inspire you? Take note of the names of these pieces. Click here to Go To My Custom Portfolio.
  2. Please fill out the Custom Request Form on my website. Here you can upload an image of your original wedding rings. List the JwJ design styles you like from my website. I'll use this information to create preliminary sketches and quotes for your new ring. You'll receive a response from me within 2 business days.
  3. We'll set up a design consultation once you decide to proceed. We'll collaborate on ideas to finalize the details. Don't let distance discourage you, I work with people from all over the world. We can meet via Skype. If you're local we can meet in-house at Walker Studios in Charlottetown. No commitment necessary until you are 100% confident with your design choices.
  4. Once you place your order I'll send shipping instructions. My suggestions will help you ship your jewelry to my studio in a secure way.
  5. There will be no surprises with your finished piece. You will be included in every step of the ring making process.

Want to know more about the entire Redesign Process from start to finish?

Jeanette Walker Jewellery

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